We thank Sean Garrity for his incredible motivation and commitment with founding BCIT ESS in 2012. 

Mike park
PAST President

Mike Park was president of BCIT ESS for the 2014-2016 school year. A third year civil engineering student, his goal after graduation is to work as a structural engineer.

Mike joined BCIT ESS with a vision of creating an entertaining student organization. He looks forward to seeing you at the next event!


Andrew Ydenberg is the President of BCIT ESS. Currently in his third year of study, he is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and plans to complete a co-op in the summer of 2017. Andrew grew up in the small town of Pitt Meadows. It was here where his fascination of electronics grew. It first started with the tinkering of computers and circuits, and then progressed to the soldering of circuit boards and his technical education.

As President, he will bring engineering students together throughout their journey at BCIT. Along with his executives , BCIT ESS provides students with a foundation for professional development - whether it be industry networking events, social nights at the campus pub, or engineering competitions. BCIT ESS is a gateway of opportunity, and he hopes students take advantage of this in addition to succeeding in their studies.

Andrew gathers that “there is more to education than just studying, professional development is just as important”, and he aspires to deliver this element as best he can. 

amy takeda
VP Communications

Amy Takeda is Vice President of Communications at BCIT ESS. She dedicates herself to producing effective communication materials online and in print, and maintaining the society's official website. She is passionate about writing for engineering, science, and technology. She is excited to be part of such a driven team and eager to connect with more students and industry professionals.

Amy continues to build on her communication strategies, technical knowledge, teamwork, and leadership skills. Always curious to learn and explore, she looks forward to meeting positive individuals with a zest for life and thirst for knowledge!

Outside of BCIT’s busy campus life, Amy loves spending time outdoors hiking and canoeing. She also enjoys exploring her creative side through art, crafts, and floral arranging.. Her current passion project is writing children’s books with a local illustrator.

VP Events

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VP Finance

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VP External Affairs

VP Internal Affairs

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